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PlayStation 5 Low Download and Upload Speed

Joining in

I have a hub 4 with 1000 download mbps and 52 upload mbps and I am receiving on my PlayStation 5 around 300 mbps download and 2 mbps upload, the connection is wired yet I still receive awful speeds. Whenever I play games I receive huge lag and packet loss and it is very frustrating, I never used to have this problem with the hub 3 but when I upgraded to hub 4, I keep having the same internet issue on my PlayStation. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello horris786, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community, I am sorry to see you are having some speed issues on your PS5.

Is it just only on your PS5 you are having some issues, is everything else okay?

How is the connection when it's just on WIFI does it improve at all?

I have also ran some tests at my  end and I cannot see any outstanding issues. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matt, I have had a few problems on devices at home where all devices connected to internet have somehow just disconnected at the same time, it’s not that frequent but it has happened a few times, with the PlayStation, if I change my connection from wired to wireless I get a lot lower download speed, as you can see in the screenshots from my PlayStation (the picture with the higher download speed is wired), and around the same upload speed, My ping on games is not bad. I just get a lot of lag and a lot of packet loss. Thanks for your help.




Hi horris786

Thanks for coming back to the thread. Please do not use console speedtests are they are not an accurate representation of the speeds (great choice of console though)

Please can you do a speedtest via Ethernet (laptop/PC) at for me with only that device connected to the internet? This'll give us an indication of the actual speeds you're receiving and we can go from there.

Forum Team

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Hi, so sorry for the late reply, I stopped using my PlayStation because of this annoying issue. Unfortunately I don’t have an Ethernet cable which could go from my router to my pc, I also don’t have a laptop to test the speed on. I still suffer from packet loss and lag but not as much as before, but it is still very frustrating. I also have family relatives who live on the same road as me and have the same problem but worse, their console can not even connect to their router! They never used to have this problem until they upgraded to the Hub 4, this is also the same with me! Again, sorry for the late reply, hope something fixes this frustrating  issue, Thanks.

Hi horris786

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

No worries I understand, if the test could be done, I'm not suggesting a permanent fix but just to measure the speed. Also make sure it's Cat 6 or above cable as well.

I've ran a check on the services today for you and there's no outages or issues showing. All the levels are in spec as well. No issues with congestion or SNR (signal to noise ratio).

Please use the Connect App - - when installed, you'll be able to run a wireless test in the property. The app will optimise the connection where it can, check for any coverage blackspots and if a Pod is needed, prompt you to order one.


Forum Team

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Hi John, I already have 2 pods around the house. As you said, I did a speed test on the Virgin Media app and actually received very low speeds, recently my download speeds have been very low on all devices, normally this isn’t the case. I do get internet around the house but this week my internet has been very slow. I don’t feel as if I need Wi-Fi Pods but something is wrong with the speeds I am getting from my router and the speeds I am receiving on my PlayStation. Just to mention again, this all started when I upgraded to Hub 4 to get Gigabit Speed. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Thank you for your reply and for providing the speed test. 

We have run further checks from our side and can confirm there are still no problems detected with the Hub. 

With this being the case, having the third Pod could potentially help. 

Do you have an active BQM (Broadband Quality Monitor)? If so, can you please post your link for us to take a look at?





Could you let me know how to set up a BQM?Also, I’ve seen that there is a hub 5, can I get a hold of it as I have a gig1 broadband and it my help with my network? Thanks.

Thanks for coming back to us @horris786.

If you can utilise this link, that will help you set up a BQM.

Once you've set this up and produced a result, we may be in a position to discuss a change in Hub with you.

Kindest regards,