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Ping Spikes/Packet Loss/Slow Upload


So recently I've moved to a new place for a new year at university, and the broadband provider we have is Virgin Media.

Everything was working well, until 3 days ago, where I started experiencing huge ping spikes and packet loss on every game I played online, as well as discord.

My download speed is completely fine, however my upload speed has slowed down as well as having huge ping spikes, going from an average 50ms, to 2000-3000ms every 3-5 seconds.

This is making gaming impossible unfortunately.

I attempted a ping test on servers from other countries, and the exact same thing occurred. (with a little higher average ping, but that's to be expected as the servers are in different countries)

I think the problem could possibly be something with the wires? Some water dripping onto it every few seconds or something. Anyway, any help would be much appreciated!

Manchester ServerManchester ServerOther servers I triedOther servers I tried

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Re: Ping Spikes/Packet Loss/Slow Upload


Can you please post the stats from the Modem, interested in the downstream / upstream so we can check the stats.

It would be also advisable to check all the connectors to the VM equipment are hand tight and that there is no un-terminated connectors.

Regards Mike

I dont work for VirginMedia all opinions are my own.
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