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Ping Issues

Over the past few weeks games have become unplayable during the evenings. Constant lag spikes and high ping. Discord is also affected with my voice being distorted every few seconds. No problems in the day time.

Tracert shows high ping at certain hops but I'm not sure what they are or why they would be so high.

Can anybody advise please?


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Ping Issues

The trace route is fine, the high pings on  intermediate hops is just the server treating ICMP timeout echo requests as low priority, it is the end hop that counts. However a trace route to the actual game server you are having problems with would show any problems with the route to the game server.

Trace routes are not very good at showing latency problems as it only shows you what is happening at that split second in time.
Starting a Broadband Quality Monitor would give a more detailed picture on how your local circuit is performing.

To diagnose the problem you need to test with a device connected directly to the Hub, ruling out the many variables associated with wireless. if not already done.

Posting the Hub's power levels and network log would provide valuable diagnostic information

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