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Packet loss and high latency

I'm experiencing very high latency and packet loss while playing Warzone. A speed test doesn't seem to highlight any issue but playing online games is just impossible.

Unfortunately the issue is not only related to gaming but it affects literally everything internet related. I've been trying to get in contact with the customer service but getting my call answered is basically impossible. At this point I just want to leave and switch to another provider.

Here some BQMs:
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Re: Packet loss and high latency

My stock reply:The BQM shows a typical over-utilisation pattern - you see how it's very poor during normal waking hours, and then peachy from about half past midnight to 9 am? Shows that the network and your hub are working perfectly when there isn't too much traffic. You can choose to believe whether this is Covid related, or whether VM simply sell contracts until (and indeed after) the local network is at capacity, but the outcome is the same for now.

Nothing you can do to improve matters. In some areas VM do indeed undertake work to rejig the local networks to balance loads and eliminate over-utilisation. But sometimes that's either not possible, or judged uneconomic if there's a need to spend money on more equipment. And sadly VM won't ever admit the truth, so there will be a fault reference and a "fix date", but there's no way of knowing if that fix date is actually backed by an actual plan of action and programme of works. Quite often it seem not, and as the fix date approaches it is simply moved a month or two ahead.

There is a little glimmer of hope, that as and when your area is upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1, and sufficient customers are using the Hub 4, then that ought to improve matters, but this could be many months, even a year or two hence. Simply having a Hub 4 on its own won't improve matters, and although VM aren't saying so, I suspect that even after D3.1 is active, a significant proportion of customers on an over-utilised segment would have to be using the Hub 4 before the benefits start to appear.

Your options:

1) Sit it out, and hope that either VM do carry out improvement works, or that they get D3.1 live and hand out Hub 4's like smarties, and that this tactic actually does work. There's a worrying number of posts cropping up from Hub 4 users who are less than impressed with the device, but you can be sure that given the right conditions the Hub 4 can work. If you're already in a D3.1 area, then (in theory) it is simply waiting for the Hub 4's to be installed and their collective benefit to hopefully materialise.

2) Get yourself a new ISP. If you're in a fixed term contract you'll probably have to use the VM complaints process (and arbitration at CISAS if need be) to try and be released from contract without penalty.

Adding to the stock reply: Of late we've had a further lockdown, and the start of the 2020 game and console release cycle, both of which have driven traffic up hugely.  If the over-utilisation started suddenly in the past week or two, there's a hope that it will fade away when those influences decline, and my advice is to wait and see for a month or two, even if that's really inconvenient.  If the problem's longer standing then the earlier comments about expecting a resolution to take a lot longer probably apply, along with the potential remedy being to get a new ISP.  But if you go down new ISP route, check if you're liable for any VM early termination fees because you're in a fixed term contract, and make sure you speak to a competent ISP (AAISP, uno, Aquiss, IDNet, CIX, Zen Internet) to establish your expected speed and whether there's any existing contention (over-utilisation) issues on the Openreach network around you.  Failure to do the first could land you with a big bill, failure to do the second could mean you jump ship and find the situation is no better, but your broadband is slower.

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