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Packet loss and high Latency, almost unplayable

Hi, gaming for me the past month has been a very frustrating experience mainly due to packet loss making any competitive game borderline unplayable.

I'll supply a few trace routes some EU game servers and googles dns.




























Tried a lot of troubleshooting already such as changing Ethernet cables and factory resetting but nothing.


Channel Frequency(Hz) Power(dBmV) SNR(dB) Modulation Channel ID
1299000000-2.537.6256 qam21
2323000000-2.536.6256 qam24
3315000000-2.537.6256 qam23
4307000000-2.437.3256 qam22
5291000000-2.738.9256 qam20
6283000000-338.6256 qam19
7275000000-3.237.6256 qam18
8267000000-3.537.6256 qam17
9259000000-4.437.3256 qam16
10251000000-437.6256 qam15
11243000000-3.737.6256 qam14
12235000000-3.737.3256 qam13
13227000000-3.736.6256 qam12
14219000000-3.735.7256 qam11
15211000000-3.935.5256 qam10
16203000000-3.735256 qam9
17195000000-3.735256 qam8
18187000000-3.735256 qam7
19179000000-3.735.5256 qam6
20171000000-3.934.4256 qam5
21163000000-3.732.2256 qam4
22155000000-428.6256 qam3
23147000000-3.930.8256 qam2
24139000000-3.934.9256 qam1



Channel ID Frequency(Hz) Mode Power(dBmV) Modulation Channel Bandwidth(Hz) Symbol Rate (ksps)

3831000000ATDMA41.564 qam64000005120
3924400000ATDMA41.532 qam64000005120
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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Packet loss and high Latency, almost unplayable

Hi FrancisM123,

Thank you for doing some trouble-shooting prior to posting, much appreciated Smiley Happy

My tests from here are not revealing any issue that might result in packet loss - there is no substantial Internet usage in your area and there are no service-affecting faults on the upstream segment.
Hub power levels and modem SNR are within spec too so no obvious Hub-related issues. 

My ping test from the default gateway (at the CMTS) shows no packet loss either:
Sending IP ping to: from **.**.***.*
ping ( 100 data bytes

1000 packets transmitted, 1000 packets received
 round-trip min/avg/max = 9/10/30 ms

Some important questions to ask at this point are:

  • Do you experience any broadband performance issues with other Internet activities (besides gaming)?
  • Do you normally connect via Ethernet or Wifi (I suspect the former given that you've changed cables but would like to confirm)?
  • Does your gaming Forum indicate any other reports of gaming issues?

Please also take a look at Riots' Troubleshooting Connection Issues.

Many thanks Smiley Happy

Forum Team

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