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Packet Loss and Lag

Evening! Right try and get straight to the point here, the last 2 days has been hell when trying to play warzone, we've had Virgin installed for a few months now on a completely new infrastructure I'm our area, everything has been fine up until yesterday..and now I cannot play online without huge packet loss and lag, my latency shows as fine, speeds up and down are fine, yet gaming is impossible... I've tried all the resets, tried different routers, tried gaming on PC and xbox, checked all connections in the house, tried wired and wireless, all to no avail... obviously the "test" online comes back as all ok, there is apparently an issue with TV in the area with a v202 code which had a fix time of 16:00 hours and is still there.. they have also been digging up the road further down the street... whether this is having an affect I'm not sure, Virgin just stating everything is fine, and trying to actually speak to someone is a complete waste of time...WHAT AM I TO DO??!! Seriously hoping I haven't made a massive wrong decision joining Virgin