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PS4 major lag dec 2020

Hello all , I’ve searched and tried to cure my slim PS4 Lag I get , I pay for 200 mb , I’ve now set it up not to optimise channels and connect direct to 5g , they have swapped my router but while there and he see the issues I was having he said it’s a known issue between virgin and the PS4’s which I find hard to believe as my friends on sky , gets 60mb tops  and running 3 PS4’s over 3 floors !!! No extenders , I try and run one let alone two I get major lag , it is it another room and has to be wireless but even when I tired hard wired and with 2 PS4’s it was just as bad

ive had the guy on the phone saying he thinks there’s a break in the cable outside but engineer denied this , some please please help or I’ll have to try SKy although I don’t want to , been with virgin since telewest days 

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