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Nightly connection drops when gaming?

Tuning in

I've had nightly connection drops since Monday.

It's been happening to me and to my friends who are also on Virgin Media.

Judging by the trending tweets every night it seems to be happening to a ton of other people too.


On our wavelength

I've been having this too anywhere from 11:45pm to 12:15am for about 4 days. When playing Everquest 2 I get kicked from the game and can't connect again for 20m+

Resetting the game, computer or router does not help.  I just have to wait and any group or raid I'm with has long replaced me.

Access to other websites works just fine.

Digging deeper, I used tracert to "" and the routing changes at certain times of the day and this could be the issue.

A similar issue happened to Eve Online's routing and a lot of people complained and they found out it was a routing problem.

I can provide tracert's from when it is and isn't working.



Yep. Happened again tonight around midnight. No support from Virgin Media whatsoever

Also had this problem with the ps5 I get to around midnight and it kicks me off. And I can't reconnect. 

I contacted VM on twitter and got more response but just told me 

Sorry to hear this. Please check here for any known area faults which may be affecting you. Alternatively, call our faults team on 150/0345 454 1111 or WhatsApp service 0730 532 ^JS.

@ziplock9000 wrote:


Access to other websites works just fine.



Same issue here except nothing works - games, websites, Netflix etc.  Hub is in modem mode and Asus router stays connected and has a valid public IP but nothing on the Internet is reachable (mobiles shift to cellular data, son gets kicked out of games, Neflix buffers and websites won't load).  Been happening every night around midnight for about a week.

Service staus shows no issues although last week it said they were doing work between midnight and 6am on the 9th to "improve the service" and I may be disconnected for a short time - don't know if these issues are related! 

I know that about 12:30am the net works again just a pain when gaming. 

Finger crossed it's around the time it did it 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @waqyyy1 thanks for your post although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns regarding the broadband dropouts recently.

I've ran some checks for you, and it would appear that there's no known faults on the line at the time of writing - how are things since your most recent post? 

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you need any further help.

Many thanks