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New customer, ping good or bad?

Been with Sky fibre for a few years. Never really had a problem. We were paying far to much for Sky, bt sport, internet.... so decided to switch to virgin. The 500mb speed would be great for all my ps4 digital downloads. 

after 2 days of being on virgin, I’d just like to get peoples thoughts who know better than me about my connection. 

the download and upload speeds are fabulous. 

I downloaded red dead redemption 2 which was 109gb in 40 minutes!


just crazy!


my issue, or possible issue is that I do a whole lot of online gaming, as do both my sons. We have 3 PS4’s in the house. 

with sky fibre... if I played rocket league my ping would be 9, with virgin, it’s 30.

battlefield 5 on sky fibre would be around 15-20, with virgin its 35ish. 

just wondering if this is ok? What do other people who are happy with their virgin media connection get? Specifically happy gamers... what are your pings?


jitter is bad yes? How do I measure that, and what is honestly a good number for online gaming?

 Is there anything I can do to reduce the ping or the jitter?


lastly... I understand I can put the hub 3 into modem mode, and then buy a really good router? Realistically, is this going to make a difference, to ping, jitter?


i don’t mind spending money if it would make things better and improve things. 


thanks to anyone who can help, and sorry about the long winded post. 

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Re: New customer, ping good or bad?

cable pings are always higher then DSL.
anything under 100ms you're unlikely to be able to notice.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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