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My wifi and PSN (PlayStation Network)

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I noticed the other thread about this with the ticket number F010146436, which has apparently be resolved. However, I actually only started getting issues myself today.

This is affecting all my Playstation consoles.

but regardless if I try to do anything PSN related like access the store, I'm given errors. Doing internet connection tests always shows "failed" for PSN, often with an error code and a generic "an error has occurred" message.

If I connect the consoles via my mobile's hotspot, they connect to PSN fine. There's no reports of PSN being down otherwise, so I can only assume the issue is with Virgin Media. My internet is working fine otherwise however, and the consoles do connect to wifi, just not PSN. I've never had this issue before, as far as I can recall.

I've already tried rebooting the hub (as well as leaving it off for around 20 minutes), and changing DNS on the consoles, to no avail.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @kfccaleb,

Welcome to our community forums and thank you for your first posts.

Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your wifi and your gaming consoles. We can understand the frustration caused and we want to best help. I have run tests on your service and your hub data looks in order. Are you going on a wired or wireless device? How long has this issue been ongoing?


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Post the PSN Error code.


I am going to take a shoot in the dark, The IP assigned to your HUB by VM, has been banned by PSN for hacking or strange behaviour. This was done by another user, and you got there IP address. VM work on a dynamic system.

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