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My ps5 can connect to the Internet but not any online games

Joining in

I even got a new router installed today and my playstation can't connect to any online games. I'm using the hub 5 if that helps



So from this I read there is :

VM Hub 5 in Modem mode >>> a New Router >>> Sony PS5

Since the New Router was installed have you restarted the PS5 so its pick up a DHCP IP from the New Router ?

What does the PS5's network tests report ?

Thank you for your response

Yeah I've restarted it. I had the exact same problem with the other router. I'll turn the ps5 on it'll connect to the internet but struggle to sign into the playstation network straight away. But if i switch between wifi and wired or wired and wifi, it'll sign in straight away but still not be able to play any games online.