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Low upload speed and constant packet los for over a week.

Joining in


Since 16th of October, I'm getting constant packet loss

this from Monday:

service status website says: 



There are no known broadband issues in M23 1LT.

after checking hub I'm getting this message:

Looks like there are issues in your postcode affecting your services

There’s a broadband issue in your area and our technicians are on the case to fix things. Check back here at any time for updates.

And it has been like this for around a week. I check status every day and it's always the same message.

UP speeds are around 1/3 or even lower:







Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Dominix

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community. My apologies about the low upload speed. I have done a system check and you are affected by an SNR issue (signal to noise ratio). F010196363 - this is the fault number. The estimated fix date is the 2nd November. Please monitor the connection after this time and report back any issues.

Best wishes

Forum Team

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Hello John_GS

Thank you for reply.

2nd of November 😭😭😭

I hope it will be fixed by this time. And for sure will update if anything changes. 


So as for today

Speeds are better



but still have a bit of packet losses

less than before but still persist
also, diagnostic check still shows me this message: