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Lots of issues with Star Trek Online Intermittent

Up to speed

Ever since I had an issue with my line which can be seen here

Until yesterday it had been getting back to normal but I am still getting grief from the same node along the network with Star Trek Online, for the past two days ive had intermittent issues that last a few minutes each time and the same node I believe is the issue.


This has been my tbb graph typically



This was it yesterday



The spikes were whilst I was attempting to play STO only, 3rd node is too erratic from what I have seen on pingplotter, the later nodes are usually like that on akamai end but my broadband has not completely settled since the issue in the above thread which I also mentioned the same node causing issues.

So far ive had 3 occurrences of this issue tonight and ive only been playing an hour, I can only assume the third node has to be playing up again in its routing, even this website whilst I was having the issue took quite a while to load for a 250mb line.


Happening again at 20:06, lasted 2-3 minutes.

Again at 20:11-17 and 20:36, its like its getting hung up, if there were not identical spikes on the monitor I would assume it game server side but the latency spike showing up at same time only when this game is up indicates its the same local node thats having issues as TBB wont do anything other than route from them to me and if its showing something odd at the exact same time im having issues its not game server side.


Up to speed

Managed to record the issue that occurs and again whilst this cropped up again this website took too long to load again, 20-30s to finish loading.

This issue remains for 5-10m sometimes then has a break for a while, again it coincides with a latency spike which shows on the quality monitor which indicates its a snag on the VM network causing a hang up which has to be close to show in game and on TBB monitor.


Spike right at the end on 10pm

Not sure why these forums take so long to load for me compared to every other site but incase it helps after a reboot the issue still persists and these are levels and whatnot.



Hi @alphaomega16,

Welcome back to our community forums and sorry to hear you are having issues with Star Trek Online. We can understand the frustration caused. I have had a look into your service and your hub data seems to be in order. Just to confirm, does this only happen with Star Trek online? Are any other services affected similarly? Also how long has this issue been ongoing?


Forum Team

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STO was only a couple of days, seems to have settled but my internet has been glitchy since 9th of november config update, some websites are slow to load, first couple of days after the config file update  it was taking minutes to load anything and its never truly settled and its intermittent and currently I am having today issues with watching twitch streams but could be unrelated but given whats been going on its 50/50.

I am assuming it was config file update as I received one of those the same time there was a doorstep increase in my TBB graph, you can see what I am referring to in the below thread.

Last night in world of tanks despite low latency the green/red dot was constantly red, never ever seen anything like that but again unclear what was at fault.

Also, is this normal date wise?



seeing pre errors in the thousands tonight and ive got an edited form of earlier image



Hi alphaomega16, 

Thanks for coming back to us on this one. 

Taking a look this end, all the hub signal and power levels are where they need to be, there is no area fault affecting you and all is looking good. 

Pre RS issues are nothing to be concerned about as long as the Post RS errors are zero. 

Can you try performing a pin hole reset on the Hub to see if this helps? 

Pop back and let us know how you get on. 


Forum Team

New around here? Check out the do's and don'ts, in our Community FAQs