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Hi all,

Yet another latency post from NW London.


Was wondering if someone could help me diagnose this and clarify if this yet another overuse situation as I am assuming. I do appreciate these are unique and difficult times, but staying indoors is all the more harder if the network I pay for is dropping me out of work calls and giving me 100 ping in every game I play when I am not 'at' work.

BQM is here, which to my naïve eye doesn't look great...

 Any advice much appreciated.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Latency

Hi there @Wist


Welcome along to our Community and thanks so much for your first ever post. Sorry that you're having sme issues with your broadband at the moment. We do thank you for your BQM - very helpful. 


Yes - it's not perfect; a few tiny drop outs in red but it's not showing that the connection is fully disconnecting or dropping out. 


What issues are you experiencing at home? You mention calls are dropping and issues with online gaming? 


I've managed to locate your account from your Forum information so have taken a closer look from here. The good news is there are no known area issues listed, and no errors showing. It's been about a week since the Hub was last rebooted. 


One of the signals on one of the downstreams is marginally lower than the rest, but no enough to cause too much concern. I'd like to check again once a reboot has been done if possible. 


We can also see that one device connected to your 2.4Ghz frequency is causing some issues. It is causing interference with the other devices connected to the Hub. The system is advising this particular device is too close to the hub. It might be better further away or connected via Ethernet if possible. 


Have a check through all connected devices; see if you still need them all connected and see if any can be moved. Do a reboot when you can and we can check again for updates. 



Katie - Forum Team

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