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Latency and ping whilst gaming

Hi there, pretty new to all this gaming and tech. Basically I’ve been trying to play warzone whilst in lockdown and the lag is just horrendous unless I’m playing about midnight and later. Is there any way I can reduce the ping? 

I currently pay for the 350mbps package. Which I’m yet to see my download speeds go above 200 which is another issue. Haven’t seen upload above 15 or so. 

I do speed tests on the PS4 and speeds never Marry up with speed tests using the laptop. All connected by Ethernet cable. 

I have run benchmark things to change DNS settings and still don’t have any luck. 

next option is potentially buy a new router? 

or maybe an express VPN? I’ve been told they run off private servers and can be a lot quicker. 

I am very wet behind the ears when it comes to this stuff so any advice is good advice.





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