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Lag/latency/overutilisation - business line fix?

Tuning in


I've had issues with Virgin the past year with latency in gaming. Absolutely unplayable at most times, unless you want to be at a major misadvantage. I suspect overutilisation.

Has anyone got experience with a business line with VM? If so, will overutilisation also effect this? I'm not netwok savvy at all.

I run a small business from home so it might make sense for me, but if gaming latency isn't improved I don't see a point.


Accepted Solutions

That's a noise or power problem, and would be fairly easily resolvable for a competent technician (unlike a utilisation fault where fixes can take years), but you'll need to convince VM staff that there's a fault.  The customer contact staff rely on crap diagnostics that often claim everything is fine when you know it isn't, and even some of the field techs are equally reliant upon similarly poor diagnostic tools.

Or use the price increase as the opportunity to cancel and take your business to a company that care.

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Joining in

Best thing to do is to setup a broad band quality monitor, that'll create a graph over 24 hours showing what your connection looks like.

Note with gaming where you're connecting to has a major effect, forget gaming on any US server, you'll be getting 100+ms of latency which is an update to your game view every 10th of a second, way too slow for any PvP shooting games.

You'll need to know your public IP address as well



Trouble shooter

That doesn't look bad to be honest. Sometimes VM's routing/peering to a particular server is more of a problem, that may be the case for you as the underlying connection quality looks good. But on the subject of VM Business and whether it would make any difference, no it uses the same network as residential connections.

@johanlon wrote:
I setup one last year, here it is:

Had these issues for ages now.

I'd agree with cje85, that (by Virgin Media standards) your BQM is not an obvious show of serious lag problems.  If you set it up last year are you sure that it is still tracking your current IP address, as these do change from time to time?

Ultimately, VM isn't always the best network for gamers, because the technology VM use leads to a higher baseline latency than Openreach, and VM's speeds only help you download a game, not play it.  Whether you (or I) are good enough gamers to really spot the difference between a baseline latency of 12ms with Openreach or 25ms with VM I doubt, but anything that isn't ideal with the complex technology VM use and latency is the first thing that is hit.


Alessandro Volta

@gffmac wrote:

wish mine looked as good as yours 😞

Look away now, you won't want to see this:

My Broadband Ping - Aquiss/Openreach 330 Mbps

How's this looking now?

Last week was okay, but today for example, really bad lag. Unplayable.

We can't say, as the link is to your logged-in view.  You need to use the "share graph" options.

Here it is:

Connection a complete joke today as well. Ping up and down, but gameplay useless.