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Just had enough now.

Joining in

Hello everyone!,


I hope this finds everyone well.


so I’ve been a long standing customer with virgin since it was telewest broadband. Seen a gradual decline in quality of service, especially during peak times which is somewhat understandable given the sheer amount of people online these days.


I’ve made a few posts over the years because of the irritation it caused but I’ve never followed through because the issues were never too consistent. Hence why I’ve always recommend staying with virgin because of the consistency they used to provide.


I’ve not had enough. I sat down to play for the first time in 5 months last week (after taking a break due to not being able to play when I want to because of latency/jitter issues) and after 10 minutes my internet drops. Then I’m suffering with constant spikes all night.


i can be playing and it will feel fine then all of a sudden it will feel like someone on my network is streaming/downloading. 

So I set up a BQM to find out what’s happening and I was shocked with just how bad my internet is right now.

This from 1 day only, I’ve also got the graph for 1 day previous if anyone would like to see. This is just taking the Micheal, those huge blocks of latency make anything unplayable. Why are people on my street affecting my internet!?.


it’s not my pc or devices on my network, look at the times. I’ve also ran a trace rout to my router and my ping is a solid 0.5 with no jitter.


i don’t care about flashy speeds, I just want a stable connection.


can someone at virgin please sort this out 


kind regards,





Joining in

I’ve just had enough*

I’m currently using virgin media super hub in modem mode on 100 MBps/ last speed test I did came in around 108 mbps so speed is no issue.



power levels


Some jitter but not as bad as it could be..update on BQM?

Test in modem mode for gaming if any better



This is making gaming unbearable. Those huge chunks of latency are just pain, why is the max latency dropping to normal levels then shooting back up in huge blocks. Couple that consistent lag with the ping spikes it’s not playable.


i did have my own router and was using modem mode but this was just the same if not worse.


i took my router off because I couldn’t use BQM with my router.. 



Are you gaming be wire?

Maybe get a better router to do BQM

Not much you can do thats just how Docsis is upstream is just not that stable.

I’m currently playing on a 5e cable. It’s around 8M long. Only running close to wires around the router and back of PC.


i don’t understand why at non peak times in the early AM the latency goes up an when it’s busier it’s coming down almost in sequence.


this needs looking into by virgin.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Monkey_marlow, thanks for reaching out to us and welcome back to the Virgin Media forums.

I'm sorry to hear about the issues with the connection.
I will look in to this further for you and assist you.
I will send a private message to further investigate the matter.
Watch out for the purple envelope inviting you in.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

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