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Jitter Issue?

Not sure what kind of issue this is but for a while i've noticed my connection seems inconsistant while gaming. recently i started running traceroutes to gaming servers i commonly use and noticed each time i would get widely different results in ping across multiple hops, I decided to then go do some ping test which would show common spikes every second or so which would basically bump my ping from 9 to around 25-30 and often times higher, While this may not seem like an issue... The consistancy of this happening seems to be giving me problems. I recently set up a BQM to monitor any packet loss, which i seemed to not be getting but overall the connection seems very ''noisy'' is the only way i can describe it. 

 You can ignore the packet loss from before 12 AM as i was swapping my hub back and forth from modem mode to see if it had any impact.

Any help would be appreciated.

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