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Issues with Port forwarding a Minecraft Server

Hello, I’m trying to setup a Minecraft server for some friends to join.

I’m running into issues with setting it up. I was successful in setting up port forwarding (I think) my friend was able to join but I had some issues as you’ll see soon enough.

Let’s start


Background information.

I have a dual PC setup, Main PC and Second PC, Second PC will be running the server.

Second PC IPv4 (248)

VM Hub > Advanced Setting > Security > Port forwarding (see image below)


So here it looks like I have successfully port forwarded.


Okay, now moving onto the MC Server, I have installed all the files needed and setup a run.bat file

I am now running the bat file

Okay, it’s done, and it should be working.

I joined the server and I break a block and I can’t pick up the Item.

And now I have lost connection.


Now I seem to have lost connection to my internet/ my router is down


Once I type (stop) in the run.bat cmd, my internet comes back up.


So, I have no idea what’s up with this. I know setting it up isn’t as hard as it is right now for me.

Looking for any help you can give me.




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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Issues with Port forwarding a Minecraft Server

Try with the hub in modem mode if that works you can get a router with 1Gb ports.

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Joining in
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Re: Issues with Port forwarding a Minecraft Server

The same exact problem here but I can't debug since people are trying use the router for work because of the whole quarantine

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