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Intermittent speed causing lag spikes.

Hey everyone,

I've been having this issue for the last 3 weeks (or so) and I have no idea how to fix.

During the day (and some times night) the speed drops and my latency goes from stable circa 35-40ms to over 200ms across all my games (CSGO, Overwatch, PUBG). Even if I close all other programs other than the game to relieve the network, that does nothing.

I've reset my router multiple times, I've let it "cool off" for a day, I've went through my whole PC software to see if there was anything causing an issue, but nothing.

Other times, it works as intended but mostly late in the evening/night.

When I tried to call earlier through to support, my call got cut off at 40min mark so now I have to call and wait again...

My VM is M350 and I've never had this problem since the install (around 2 years ago).

Please help, this is driving me absolutely insane.

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Re: Intermittent speed causing lag spikes.


Sorry for any issues you have experienced with speed and our phone lines.

Given current times, the speed may be down to the shear demand all day every day that is now present.

Additionally there has been issues with the Virgin Telephone systems too on yes exactly the 40 minute mark.

We do have a line you can text on 07533051809 (just include your Name, Account Number, Area Reference and Address), but responses may be delayed due to low staff and high demand. 

However, if you would like to PM me your Account Number and Area Reference I'll look into the issue for you. 

I know how annoying it can be, especially when playing like CSGO Comp.



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