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Intermittent Connection Loss (Few seconds only)

Good evening, 

I'm not sure if this is strictly a gaming issue but as this is when the problem first occurred I thought it better to post in here.

Recently, over the last week or so, my internet connection keeps dropping but only for a matter of seconds. It first happened when I was on RDR2 Online with some friends and my brother. Both myself and my brother lost connection from the PSN & RDR2 Online at the exact same moment. About 5-10 seconds later, the connection was re-established and we could join RDR2 Online again. A short time later, same things happens. Because of the error code we initially thought it was a Rockstar problem, however after we both decided to play a bit of The Division 2 and the problem reared its ugly head again we were less sure that Rockstar was the culprit. Later on that night while I was video hopping around YouTube and he was watching something on Netflix, it happened again.

The following day after it happened again, I did a quick Google search and one apparent problem was that we were both using wired connections from the same SuperHub. As I am pretty much sitting on the SuperHub I changed my connection type to wireless on the PS4 and we managed to go through the rest of the day without any connection issues.

Next day however, it started again. So yesterday I tried talking to someone from Virgin Media on twitter. All they did was send me a dead link to some sort of Virgin Services status web page. After I told them the link was dead, they sent it to me again...the same dead link. A quick twitter search shows i'm not the first person to be sent this dead link.

So, on to today. I turned my PS4 on about half 4. 10 mins later I get the dreaded disconnect. At the same moment my brother shouts through "Net's dead".

A few months ago we were having similar problems so an engineer came out to the house, installed the new hub, sorted out the cabling and almost everything was working great (I say almost because the WiFi was and still is absolute garbage unless you're within 2 feet of the device). Now however we have gone back to how it was a few months ago, paying for a service that only works when it wants.

Any help/suggestions/discounts for BT's service would be much appreciated.

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Re: Intermittent Connection Loss (Few seconds only)

If you read Kippies posts in this thread (

He talks through how to post certain information for the forum team. Doing what he asks is quite important to get the help you want.

Hopefully it gets sorted for you.  

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