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Instability and massive lags

Ok, so...

I moved to a new house at the start of October, planned and had Virgin Media M100 package installed from a brand new installation, as this property never had virgin before. Since then I've been monitoring the internet and it has been lagging, rubber banding, full of packet losses, impossible to play any ping related game. The internet does reach the 100mb download and 10mb upload, although, it only reaches them when doing brief short tests on any speed testing websites as it oscillates so much in a longer test it causes stutters and interruptions.

I depend on the internet being stable to successfully work as I work from home, have loads of meetings, I'm a streamer and gamer, and due to the current instability I'm not capable of anything.

I've also been running a BQM test (BQM) to test all the ins, outs, latency, average, packet losses, and it's bad... Really bad.

I've also tested various different online games, e.g. Rocket League, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, Fortnite, FallGuys, Overwatch, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov and others; All of these require ping to be as stable as possible, which isn't, so I suffer from random rubber bands, lag, stuttering, dropped frames, packet loss, latency and others.

I've ran the the same tests on both my computer and 2 laptops, with 3 different Cables (CAT6, CAT7 and CAT5), all displayed the exact same issues. I've also took the liberty to ensure the connections to the Modem (Hub3) and also the outside cabling is not damaged although I didn't open the box nor touched the cabling outside.

I've tried contacting Virgin via their app, calling and even tried email, mostly has been day after day of lack of knowledgeable answers and a "I'll pass you to a department that deals with that".

With all that being said, please help as I am seriously considering switching and am extremely disappointed with the service.

As a note: my area is number 31 as I live around the Kettering area.


Image is from the 3rd of Dec and every day prior has been extremely similar or worse


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Re: Instability and massive lags

That BQM looks to show your area is oversubscribed so not much can be done until VM fix it. 

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