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Inconsistent speeds

Joining in

When the wifi works at its advertised speeds its fantastic but recently (past few months, it has gotten very very inconsistent, i get constant lag spikes and sometimes the internet goes out. What is the cause of this? I tested my download speed twice and got different results, the first test showed 134 megabits per second and the second time i tried, it showed 14 megabits per second. 


Community elder

 Does this site, that shows the speed to the HUB over the VM network, show consistent speeds:


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @daniel212 thanks for your post here although we're sorry to hear of the concerns you've raised here.

We have ran some checks here and there are no issues on the line at the time of writing, so how have things been since your original post?

Additionally, please run the checks via SamKnows that @carl_pearce has requested and this may provide some help too.

Many thanks