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I would do anything to leave this awful broadband

All they do is blame covid. I have or supposed to have 118 megs. It is never that.  I am a lover of warzone. I have a top gaming pc.  The lag/latency and ping are truly awful. I have port forwarded several ports. The excusers they gave was covid, pathetic. I was with SKY and not a problem. First time i leave after 15 years I get excuses and awful issues.


This is the monitor i set up through think broadband, as you will see like everyone who has the same issues with warzone.  Horrendous issues and no one has ever been helped. No one, if so point them out.


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Re: I would do anything to leave this awful broadband

My stock reply:The BQM shows a typical over-utilisation pattern - you see how it's very poor during normal waking hours, and then reasonable from about half past midnight to 9 am? Shows that the network and your hub are working adequately when there isn't too much traffic. You can choose to believe whether this is Covid related, or whether VM simply sell contracts until (and indeed after) the local network is at capacity, but the outcome is the same for now.

Nothing you can do to improve matters. In some areas VM do indeed undertake work to rejig the local networks to balance loads and eliminate over-utilisation. But sometimes that's either not possible, or judged uneconomic if there's a need to spend money on more equipment. And sadly VM won't ever admit the truth, so there will probably be a fault reference and a "fix date", but there's no way of knowing if that fix date is actually backed by an actual plan of action and programme of works. Quite often it seems not, and as the fix date approaches it is simply moved a month or two ahead.

Your options:

1)  Sit it out, and hope that VM do carry out improvement works.  Evidence from other forum customers is that this may take many months, even years to be fixed.  Of late we've had a further lockdown, and the start of the 2020 game and console release cycle, both of which have driven traffic up hugely.  If the over-utilisation started suddenly in the past month, there's a hope that it will fade away when those influences decline, but that could be a while yet. 

2) Get yourself a new ISP. If you're in a fixed term contract you'll probably have to use the VM complaints process (and very likely arbitration at CISAS) to try and be released from contract without penalty.  If download speeds are poor (do an Ookla speed test on an ethernet connected device between 6pm-10pm) you might be able to use the VM minimum guaranteed speed policy to be released from contract after 30 days.


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