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Huge lag spikes

Had this problem for the past 6 months but has recently gotten much worse.  I changed to VM500 from VM350 as i was told that it would sort the issue for online gaming but unfortunately it hasn't.  

After numerous calls to tech support and what seems 100 hub restarts i am here as a last resort.  The download and upload speeds seem fine but it is impossible to play games online such as call of duty and valorant due to the constant lag.

I have tried running the router in modem only mode but still the problem persists.  I am currently running the Think broadband BQM and after checking it over the past hour can tell you it isn't good.  I will share the monitor tomorrow after leaving it on tonight.

Here is the info from the Router status

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) SNR (dB) Modulation Channel ID

12590000006.438256 qam16
2139000000838256 qam1
31470000007.938256 qam2
41550000007.538256 qam3
51630000007.338256 qam4
61710000007.338256 qam5
71790000007.138256 qam6
81870000007.138256 qam7
91950000007.138256 qam8
102030000006.938256 qam9
112110000006.638256 qam10
122190000006.538256 qam11
132270000006.838256 qam12
142350000006.538256 qam13
152430000006.538256 qam14
162510000006.638256 qam15
172670000006.338256 qam17
182750000006.338256 qam18
192830000006.338256 qam19
202910000006.838256 qam20
212990000007.138256 qam21
223070000007.138256 qam22
233150000006.938256 qam23
243230000007.138256 qam24

Downstream bonded channels

Channel Locked Status RxMER (dB) Pre RS Errors Post RS Errors



Upstream bonded channels

Channel Frequency (Hz) Power (dBmV) Symbol Rate (ksps) Modulation Channel ID

16030000742512064 qam1
23940000740.5512064 qam4
34620005142512064 qam3
45369996942512064 qam2

Upstream bonded channels

Channel Channel Type T1 Timeouts T2 Timeouts T3 Timeouts T4 Timeouts



Any help appreciated as i really have come to the end of my tether with this issue.


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Re: Huge lag spikes

Puma6 test

61ms : x
63ms : x
65ms : x
66ms : xx
67ms : xx
68ms : xxxxxxxxx
69ms : xxx
70ms : xxxxxxxxx
71ms : xxxxxxx
72ms : xxxxxxxxx
73ms : xx
74ms : xxxxxxxxx
75ms : xxxxxxxxx
76ms : xxxx
77ms : xxxx
78ms : xxx
79ms : xxxxx
80ms : xxxxxxxxx
81ms : xxxxx
82ms : xxxxx
83ms : xxxxxx
84ms : xxxxxxxx
85ms : xxxx
86ms : xxx
87ms : xx
88ms : xxxxxxx
89ms : xxxx
90ms : xxxxxx
91ms : xx
93ms : xxx
94ms : xxx
95ms : xxxx
96ms : x
97ms : xx
98ms : x
99ms : x
100 - 149ms :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
150 - 199ms :xxxxxxx
200 - 249ms :xx
250 - 299ms :x



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Re: Huge lag spikes

Power levels, SNR and modulation all good when you took the status data.  Doesn't mean it's always like that, but nothing that indicates a problem.  Could be a broader SNR issue, or over-utilisation.

Incidentally, if you were encouraged to take out a new contract and more expensive package on the basis of being told that it would solve latency issues, then you probably have a claim for mis-selling.  Greater bandwidth never solves latency problems (certainly not in the context of VM's speed ranges).  Let's see what the BQM shows before doing anything about that though.

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Re: Huge lag spikes



Last night 13-11-2020 at 10pm i shutdown my PC, today i booted up at 8pm.  Its obvious that there is an over utilisation problem that will probably take them months and months to sort out... Im done with Virgin Media, i was mis-sold a higher broadband package after being told it would be better for gaming.  This is now the worst its ever been.  Im going to cancel my services now and speak to OFCOM about getting refunded for the last 6 months.. 

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Re: Huge lag spikes

You are correct, the BQM shows a typical over-utilisation pattern - you see how it's very poor during normal waking hours, and then peachy from about half past midnight to 8 am? Shows that the network and your hub are working perfectly when there isn't too much traffic. 

Nothing you can do to improve matters. In some areas VM do indeed undertake work to rejig the local networks to balance loads and eliminate over-utilisation. But sometimes that's either not possible, or judged uneconomic if there's a need to spend money on more equipment. And sadly VM won't ever admit the truth, so there will be a fault reference and a "fix date", but there's no way of knowing if that fix date is actually backed by an actual plan of action and programme of works. Quite often it seems not, and as the fix date approaches it is simply moved a month or two ahead.  I'd really like to be more positive, but until VM adopt an approach of transparency and honest communication with customers, nothing they say about over-utilisation fix dates can be relied upon.

There is a little glimmer of hope, that as and when your area is upgraded to DOCSIS 3.1, and sufficient customers are using the Hub 4, then that ought to improve matters, but this could be many months, even a year or two hence. Simply having a Hub 4 on its own won't improve matters, and although VM aren't saying so, I suspect that even after D3.1 is active, a significant proportion of customers on an over-utilised segment would have to be using the Hub 4 before the benefits start to appear.  In some areas the over-utilisation may be lockdown related, in which case if may clear up when we eventually get back to some semblance of normality, but that could be a while yet.

Your options:

1) Sit it out, and hope that either VM do carry out improvement works, or that they get D3.1 live and issue sufficient Hub 4's for this tactic to work.  If you're already in a D3.1 area, then (in theory) it is simply waiting for the Hub 4's to be installed and their collective benefit to hopefully materialise, but in the worst areas it is possible that the benefits of D3.1 won't be sufficient on their own to resolve the problem.  Or you wait and hope for any-Covid related issues to clear, or sufficient other VM customers to jump ship.  

2) Get yourself a new ISP. If you're in a fixed term contract you'll probably have to use the VM complaints process (and arbitration at CISAS if need be) to try and be released from contract without penalty (see below).  Complaining to Ofcom is a waste of time - all they do is COUNT complaints and issue quarterly reports on the number of complaints that's six months out of date.  They certainly don't intervene.

If you do think you want to leave, first of all check out your options with other ISPs.  No point moving to a new ISP and finding the issues are similar or worse.  Remember that the large ISPs are like VM, sales and marketing led, so they'll promise almost anything to get your business, only then you'll find out how good or more likely fiendishly bad their customer service and promises are.  I'd suggest accepting that you'll need to pay a few quid more a month and looking at the customer-service led small ISPs (AAISP, Aquiss, uno, IDNet, Zen) and contacting them asking what speeds they could offer, how quickly they can get you installed, what the local Openreach contention state is, see if they can persuade you it is worth moving.  You can contact Zen's provisioning team directly (and possibly some of those other companies), details on their web site.

Then, if you still think moving is the best option, and you're out of a fixed term VM contract, get the new ISP installed BEFORE cancelling VM.  Otherwise, any delays or hiccups of trying to butt-joint service from the two ISPs and you'll have no landline or broadband.  Mention that you want to do this overlap to the new ISP if you're taking your landline number. 

If you're in a fixed term contract, read and follow the VM Consumer Complaints Code of Practice. I always recommend putting complaints in writing and sending by recorded post.  Explain the problem politely and clearly, the history, ask for the outcome you want (release from contract and/or compensation), and be clear that if VM can't agree to this you'll escalate to the industry arbitration scheme CISAS.  VM have eight weeks to resolve your complaint before you can go to CISAS, so this is slow.

With complaints I always make the point that if the forum staff can intervene and get an amicable resolution, that is best and quickest for both parties.  They're welcome to try here, but remember that as far as I know they've no visibility as to whether the fix date visible on their systems is real, or just a figment of somebody's imagination.

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Re: Huge lag spikes

Thank you for your reply.  You have been far more helpful than any virgin media staff. 

Unfortunately I have had this problem before in another property.  That also ended with me changing ISP's.  I will be taking a huge decrease in download speed but as long as my ping is low and stable and allows me to game online without lagging then I'm all for it.



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