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Hours of packet loss effecting whole neighbourhood

Joining in

We are seeing periods of packet loss every 2-3 weeks. The periods are easily observable with a tool like thinkbroadband (below). This manifests as inability to use the internet, although some minutes are worse than others.

Virgin support are very unhelpful sadly. As people run their routers in modem mode - they cannot run the remote debug tools - which seems to stump them.

We book engineers - and because the issue is sporadic these get automatically cancelled. This is clearly an issue at the cabinet level but we just can't get anyone to fix it.

Neighbours get fobbed up with excuses like 'its your modem'. Worse - automatic compensation literally never pays out meaning we (8 hours) are all paying for internet that is patchy at best. I've taken a screenshot of my current channels and line noise below and thinkbroadband trace.


Although i suspect as the issue cleared literally 5 minutes ago the line noise data wont show much. hopefully the dropped packet count will be enough to point to an issue. IS there someone from Virgin Media that can actually book the right engineer to understand and fix this please




Perhaps it is worth setting the Hub into Router mode before the next phone call to Customer Support.

This would ensure Customer Support agent is able check of the line stats.

Plus can't use Modem mode to cast the problem back over the fence as a closed call.