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High speed still lag

Hello so we are on M350 I’m upstairs on the PlayStation 4 I’m one room just above the router and the router is on the window still, ever since we had the router I get most of the times 20/30MBPS but a lot of the times when I lag out i do speed tests and it shows 180+MBPS but I lag like hell and lag out of games any idea what’s going on?! My friends are using hotspots at 15MBPS and never lag it’s embarrassing! I connect WIRELESS btw and signal strength looks ok so I don’t know what it can be can someone help me please just 24/7 lag put me out my misery! Thanks. 

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Re: High speed still lag

OK, first of all you need to optimise your hub settings - rename the 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless signals with different names, and then only connect to the 5 GHz on all devices that have 5 GHz capability.  Whilst you're in settings, find and turn off automatic optimisation, increase channel width for 5 GHz to 20/40/80, and if you don't use it turn off the guest network.  That should improve wireless speeds, and might help a tiny bit with latency, but if you have big latency problems, that's far more likely to be a problem with your cable connection than with wifi.

If you can, do a speed test on a device connected to the hub by ethernet cable, see if that shows problems.  Also, connect to the hub, and click on the link for "Check router status".  Then post the contents of the tabs titled Downstream, Upstream, and Network log in replies here.  Post as formatted text not images.  Then we can see if there's obvious issues with power or noise.  

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