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High ping and loss for gaming

Tuning in

Hi, Ive been a virgin customer for a while and have recently been suffering horrendous performance whilst trying to game. I used to use wifi to play and it was unplayable 1 in 3 games, I did switch to wired about 4 months ago and it dropped to being unplayable maybe 1 in 15 games but recently it has gotten worse and worse to the point where I cannot play at all. Wondering whether there has been a new fault undiagnosed or if I am just out of luck. 

For reference here is a picture of todays BQM 




Hi Mate, which game(s).

  • Did you check the wire/cable to make sure it isn't that?
  • Also there's the NIC on your PC - try updating drivers
  • Is WiFi Still enabled on your PC? (try removing if USB or disabling if not)

Windows10/11 doesn't get the latest drivers from Intel (if you have an intel adaptor)?

Moving to Wired from Wifi will net you generally speaking:

  • Lower Latency
  • Less Lag Spikes (network traffic can cause wifi spikes even if its your phone/someone else browsing)
  • Better Speeds.
  • Lower CPU Load (depending on the wifi and nic)

With how cheap the cables are, often it's worth buying another to check... Failing all that you can actually try testing directly with Modem Mode enabled or factory reset your hub.

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )

I generally play Apex so that is the worst hit, but also have problems with rocket league and sea of thieves. 

I have changed wires and the problem persists. 

I generally play on the xbox, but I do use the PC when me and my partner are playing sea of thieves whilst she uses the xbox. just checked all drivers and all up to date. 


Apex is a mess with me anyway - stopped playing the game due to toxic trolls.

On PC with latest drivers etc there's always a few % packet loss on the start screen - If I connect to a UK VPN (or even french or swe) that vanishes.

I think there's an issue with VM and their servers and has been for a very long time (I've complained about it a few times).

Windows will ALWAYS tell you it's the latest driver, you have to manually go to intel and install it yourself.

What network card is it on your PC? It should be something like intel i211 (the i will be caps I.. awkward looking like a 1).

You can also try different ports on the hub.

I'd recommend trying this test:-

This is for exmaple my test result:

Also would you happen to know your broadband speed and hub version?  And are you LAN via PowerLine adaptor or straight to the back of the SuperHub?

Downloading, Streaming or multiple people being online at once will vastly effect your latency - the latency issues you seem to have are at peak time (usually when everyones active) so I don't know how busy your house is if it's Uni Student accom etc or what.  This could be however just "peak time" issues.

Lots of people complain about peak being awful, luckily I've always had my speed regardless of time or day.

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )

I only ever play Apex on the Xbox which is hardwired with ethernet direct to router and experience games with packet loss up to 80/90%, sometimes there will be games where it sits between 10-30% and sometimes games with 0%. 


Network card is

Qualcomm Atheros AR938 wireless card.

Realtek PCIe GbE Family controller which I believe is related to the ethernet adapter. 


I am on a 200gb download plan with a Hub 3

The PC is connected via powerline, never use it on wireless.

Here is my ping test, as you can see a little all over the place.


Just 3 of us live in the house, the problems are definitely worse at peak time but they are still present during off peak hours. 




Powerline is a very finnicy thing, I would say if possible try rebooting them all, or trying just 1 in the router and 1 in your PC.

I got rid of my powerline for this reason entirely.  I'm not sure if there was a surge or what but they've gone from something I've recommended since the 10mbit days to literally thinking they're garbage.

I would honestly test just 2, hopefully you haven't mix and matched plugs.  Make sure the 2 plugs are the same.

My powerline adaptors had issues a few months after moving and went from 550mbnit speeds down to 250ish, nothing could get them running right - which was why I bought 2 wifi 6 routers and used those... but hard wired now I'm gucci.

The issue is likely to lead with traffic on those powerlines!  What make and model are they all?

Also my test was a much more average flat result. I am hard wired though.

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )

Yeah I know powerline isn't ideal, I've tested extensively and found it to be more reliable than the wifi, which is just awful. Just don't understand how the service can have deteriorated so badly over the past week or so without a hardware issue. 

That's the issues, one minute they're great and then randomly out of nowhere they're garabge.  The one my brother has in his office he gets crazy bad speeds and pings and has to restarted it 24/7 whilst the other two seem to be relatively fine.

That's why I said try doing it with just 2 of them and see how it is on your PC.

If it improves it and fixes it and you add the 3rd and it tanks again you know there's an issue with the 3rd.

With the 2 if it's still garabge, try switching out and roating the powerline adaptors to see if you've got one that's faulty/damaged some how.

They are pretty damn difficult to fault test.

If they're TPLink then I know there's some software you can install on the PC and update firmware and check connection status on them.

I know it's time and effort but you might actually get down to what the issue is.  Alternatively if you have a laptop or console try plugging it directly to the VM Hub and see if that makes any difference (to fully rule out powerline).

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )

Yeah that's what I'm saying. I am directly plugged into the hub to my xbox via ethernet and it still has issues so I know the problem is with VM rather than with my hardware. The PC is via powerline just because I don't have enough ports in the back of the hub.

You need to get an engineer out to come and test the connection.

They screw signal modifiers in to the back of the hub to optimise. This could help you, or you unfortunately live in a very congested area. 

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )