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High ping & packet loss


I've been a long time virgin customer. For the past 6 months I've had an absolutely unreal time with Virgin Media. We first noticed our service wasn't up to scratch around 6 months ago when my ping would hit the roof and remained consistent. Every single day, I've had unstable ping. Which the end result has meant, All gaming consoles, Streaming devices & working from home is rendered useless. I've had to work from home for foreseeable future due to the pandemic and this has actually meant I'm not able to work, At all.

Getting in touch with Virgin regarding this was actually pleasant in the beginning. They stated there was a " Utilisation Fault " In our area and the fix date was a few weeks away. I came away really optimistic ( As you do when you're being told a bunch of lies over the phone ). The date came where the initial fix was supposed to take place, And low and behold.. There was no fix. This has been a repetitive cycle for the past 6 months. Complaints to Virgin Media have been answered, However when I receive a letter stating the complaint has been acknowledged, I'd attempt to get in touch with them and I'd fail every single time.

We're currently 11/06/2020, A few weeks ago I saw a Virgin Media engineer installing a line for someones property. I asked him about the current " Utilisation Fault " and if there was anything he could tell me in regards to this. His response was " Don't believe anything the Virgin Media team tell you. They will tell you there are fix dates that are in place, But they won't be met. To fix the fault, They will need permits to carry out the work from the council, All of which is very expensive. Expect them to keep fobbing you off ". This shocked me, However that kind of set the tone for the issue.

I've had no reduction in bill and I still pay full price for a service that doesn't work, At all. I've submitted 4 or 5 complaints via the Make A Complaint tab. And none of my complaints are resolved.

I don't really know what to do at this point.

If anyone could help, I'd be extremely grateful.  

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Re: High ping & packet loss

Thank you for the post LoazB.


We can see that there is currently a known area fault which may be affecting your services, I'll pop the information on this below.

Reference: F007793688      

Estimated repair date: 24 JUN 2020 15:00


This is in regards to utilisation so if you've seen someone nearby be installed they should be on a different cabinet as once it's been marked as high utilisation all sales in the area would stop until this is rectified. 


You can see any updates on this on our service status page, although, if this isn't a wide area fault it may not show but you can quote the reference above to any agent for an update as well.


Thank you, Emily.

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