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High packet loss

Tuning in

We've recently moved house and taken Virgin with us. Connection has been great until yesterday. This has been the last 24hrs: 


My Broadband Ping - Rocket League Sadness 15/02/2022


I went through the status check prompts which eventually led me to this page:



I host community servers for a game that is no longer supported by the developer. I've had to take the servers offline due to packet loss related connection issues. 


As the 'Check status' is an automated system that I largely don't trust, could a member of the Mod team please follow up with me to confirm there is a detected issue in my area that is actively being addressed?



0800 561 0061 - this often has the most local & up to date fault status info.

Thanks for this! I did try it and it said there weren't any issues in my area. The conflicting answers doesn't exactly inspire confidence...

That number now does report a problem at my postcode. It says the problem is 'complex' and may take longer to fix.