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High latency on Hell Let Loose

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Recently joined VM on a 100 Mbps connection and ping is typically 90-120ms (significantly more than previous TalkTalk fibre connection). 

I'm using a PowerLine connector but tried removing that today and connecting directly via Ethernet cable - very little improvement.

Would love to know what I could do to get the ping down to something a bit more respectable, e.g. 50ms or lower! 




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Thank you for checking on your side. It does seem to indicate congestion at peak times. 

I don't think Steam is the issue, although my latency looks better in other applications, which may suggest that the game in question (Hell Let Loose) isn't very well optimised to navigate the congestion as well as other applications. 

I don't really want to go to the effort of factory resetting the Hub if there's no reason to assume that is the source of the fault. 

Hi joek66,

Thank you for reaching back out, I have had another look our end and we have picked up a short term connection issue your end and it has been advised to monitor it, I would recommended a pin reset to rule out a software issue, push a pin/ paper clip in the reset hole at the back of the Router, push and hold in for a timed 1 Minute, do not reboot during or after, allow 15 Minutes to settle.



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Thank you, I have followed your instructions.

Hi @joek66 sincere apologies. 

We hope this has worked for you but please let us know if you're still having issues.

Many thanks


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Yep, still having issues. For example, BQM shows significant periods of high average latency over the past four days:













How many more 'bad' days do there need to be before I can call it quits and go elsewhere? VM clearly suffering from over subscription in my area...

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Didn't realise you had made a topic on this!

So, after constant chats in-game with other players it's fair to say that for a UK gamer around 56 ping is the norm for a maxed out server no matter what time of day it is. And here's me still getting around 88 to 100 😄

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Yeah at best I seem to get around 80-90ms, but at peak times this can rocket up to 150ms (+/- 10ms) and this is on UK servers. Other UK players around me seem to be on 40-60ms on average. 

For an FPS be game it basically means you are often going to be second best in encounters, no matter how good your aim and reaction time is. Very frustrating! 

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150! Wow, that's not good at all 😞

So after 20 plus years with Virgin, I'm starting to look at other providers, the main snag is I haven't a clue where to start though.

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I read this thread with interest as someone who also plays Hell Let Loose and has started to experience very bad problems with in-game lag.

I am connected via wifi and have had no issues previously. Latency while playing Hell Let Loose was never the best, but certainly not noticeable and perfectly fine for casual play.

In the last 2-3 days I've started to experience extremely bad lag, rubber banding etc. to the point where on many occasions the server will automatically kick me due to high ping. The game is now unplayable. Weird thing is that when I am web browsing speeds are good, 75-100mbps around 9pm at night. When I do similar tests while playing Hell Let Loose speeds are significantly slower, as low as 0.8mbps! I can't figure out why. 

I've tried on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz, with the performance being worse on 2.4ghz. The router is located about 5m away in the room beneath where my PC is located. 

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to avoid running a cable up my stairs into another room.

I think like most people commenting on this there are several issues

1 - VM appears to struggle at 'peak times' in certain areas

2 - HLL does not seem to be very well optimised to keep players' latency down to reasonable levels

3 - You could take steps to improve the quality of your local network. With regard to not wanting to run cables, I can highly recommend powerline as an alternative to end to to end ethernet or WiFi. Others will no doubt recommend a third party router, although I'd be careful buying any new hardware unless you're confident that it will make a tangible difference. 

Best start a new thread and post the usual router stats and BQM link, then see what VM come back with.