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High Latency, since Yesterday



We have 200mb Virgin and whilst its worked great for the month that we've had it, yesterday the latency went soooo bad.  


Its generally been about 25ms in Rocket League but since yesterday its approaching 100ms and making gaming Rocket league not doable.  Fortnite is even worse.


I am the only one here who changes anything on the network and I haven't changed anything.


Does anyone have any idea?  Im having to run through my mobile phone to play these... which you shouldn't have to when you pay Virgin £60 a month for the privilege.


Several other people are using the connection but frankly they only send emails and do the odd bit of browsing, and nothing has changed in their patterns since yesterday.


Over the weekend I will isolate the gaming machine and have it as the only wire going into the router... but as I say, nothing on the home network has changed, but at least then I can tell Virgin I have tried it (when I send them my mobile bill with the excess charges on it)


We're in Nottingham, area reference 30

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