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High Latency Spikes on HUB4


Recently since switching over to the Super Hub 4 I haven been experiencing quite a lot of connection issues most notably a high amount of latency and packet loss when gaming on my pc which is connected via ethernet.

This is has been an ongoing problem for the past week and I have tried various different methods to fix this such as turning the SH4 off and on and a full reset.

I set up a Broadband Quality Monitor (BBQM) to mointor latency and packet loss and my own graph is terrible to put it bluntly as shown below.

I am 99% sure it is a problem with the router or something a technician would be able to help with. 

Please could someone look into this as soon as they can as it is making my online gaming experience unplayable.

Thank You

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Re: High Latency Spikes on HUB4

That graph would suggest its over utilisation in the area. ie.. No packet loss during those non peak hours

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