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Have not even gav virgin a week!?

Ive had my player bundle for a really long six days now... Went with virgin for speed. I am managing about 3mb/s... when first set up i had around 50mb/s. For the last 4 out of 6 days it disconnects constantly, can barely load google and very intermittent seems to plummet in the evening to unusable but thats not really good enough. 

Do i have a cancellation clause in my contract like a 30 day cooling period(virgin staff?) 

Ive tried ringing but just get ping ponged around, i was told to just wait and hope it gets better by someone from the call centre, what even is that for an answer?!.

Tried online chat and was told my account is restricted... Rang them its not restricted they then hung up.... Rang again was told theres a fault passed through to technical team who saod no fault and they will send an ethrernet cable.. Why? Ive done a speed test  already and a dongle is  currently quicker than my speed

Please could someone help its extremely frustrating? I havent even had it a week yet. 

Much appreciated. 

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Re: Have not even gav virgin a week!?

you are within your rights to cancel as everything has a 30 day cooling off period, especially if your not getting what you were promised, and they will try their hardest to fob you off.
you have to keep trying on the phone, yes you will get lots and lots of disconnects and be given the run around by the phone, sound just like high utilisation to me, i have been with virgin for 7+ years and always had high utilisation, my new one started Dec 2017 and got told yesterday that it wont be looked at until Feb 2019, yes 2019.
Do not take any rubbish from them, tell them you want your account credited for lack of service, and if you are not happy, tell them you want to leave. Even go to your MP if you get the runaround.
best of luck
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