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Gaming on VM?

Joining in

So I'm not a heavy gamer but I like playing CoD multiplayer and I also have Google Stadia.

Regarding Stadia, the games play smoothly most of the time but I can't play in 4K. It always says network not compatible (or words to that effect). On CoD, I'm tired of playing match after match where I can't take on anyone 1 to 1 without dying, I empty a magazine into someone and they drop me like I've been blasted by a shotgun. It's so frustrating (bearing in mind in MW3 I was in top 50 players in the world and not with virgin).

It has been suggested to me that it's down to the terrible latency with virgin media.

On top of this, I have frequent disconnections and slowdowns and upstairs WiFi is terrible (hub is in center of the house, vertically and horizontally and it's a small house with plasterboard walls).I'm stuck in contract for a while but is there anything I can do to improve things?

I've tried my own router with the hub in modem mode and it didn't improve things at all.


Alessandro Volta

The best you will get with VM is to use an ethernet connection from the games device to the Hub. Other networks might still be faster if you really need to minimise the latency.  But is a difference of a few mSec really that important? 

Alessandro Volta

Pull up the log in page for the hub.  But don't log in, just click on the link "Check router status"  That'll bring up a window with five tabs.  Open the Downstream tab.  Select all the text (Ctrl-A if using a keyboard), copy it (Ctrl-C), then paste it (Ctrl-V) into a reply here as TEXT not screenshots.  Post that, do the same for the Upstream and Network log.  You'll get an error message when you post the Network log, just click on "post" a second time.  Then we can check for any obvious problems with power, noise or error counts that may explain poor latency and the disconnections your report.  The hub needs to have run for say 24-72 hours since last restart to make sense of some that data.

Let's also see how latency and packet loss are on your connection: Setup a BQM which will track what's going on with your VM connection.  Post a LINK to a LIVE, SHARED graph here and we'll see what's happening.  Usually needs to run for 24 hours before we can draw reasonable conclusions, but the live graph will continuously update so you can post the link immediately.

VM connections are usually inferior in terms of latency on a measured basis against Openreach or true FTTP connections, but if the VM connection is working as it should the chances of you perceiving the difference is very low.  So sounds like there's either a severe wifi problem (which the checks I've suggested won't show), or a broadband fault.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Afternoon @sayagi1, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

Sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing when gaming.

Can you please confirm that you've been able to read and take on the helpful advice from both @jpeg1 and @Andrew-G, and are now able to provide us with an update?

Kindest regards,