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Gaming lag

Hi everyone,

Our son is constantly moaning about gaming lag, which happens whenever we are watching Now TV or Amazon Prime (doesn't seem to be an issue with Netflix.)

He is hard wired into the router (Superhub 3) via an ethernet cable and despite this is suffering severe lag and substantial packet loss. 

We pay for 200mb and on testing, the speed is very consistent at around the 200+ mark.

Anyone else had this issue and can suggest any recommendations?

Many thanks and regards,




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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person
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Re: Gaming lag

There's no technical logic to gaming latency* being affected by some streaming services and not others, so I'm guessing correlation but not causation.

To get a view on what's happening, I suggest you setup a Broadband Quality Monitor.  Let it run for 24 hours to gather sufficient data, and then post a link to a shared graph back here, not a copied image or screenshot.  If all that sounds like rocket science, tell your son that this is his problem, and he can do this!

* Latency is how long it takes a signal to make a round trip from your computer to an internet server and back gain (or vice versa).  It is measured in thousandths of a second, and is near enough the same as "ping"; Poor latency or ping are referred to as lag.  

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