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Gaming Router


I am experiencing latency issues and some limited packet loss on my connection, had an engineer out who has checked everthing at my end and replaced cables etc. The issue is still present. The engineer was very honest and advised that it is is likely an infrastructure/utilisation issue most likely caused by the increased demand at the moment.

Would investing in a gaming router where I can proioritize the gaming connection make any difference? Does anyone have any experience of this resolving the issue or is anyone willing to recommend a suitable router?

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Gaming Router

If you game with the hub in modem mode is it any better? if not a new router likely will not help.

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Re: Gaming Router

Save your money.  Gaming routers are just normal routers with a jazzy paint job and thirty quid uplift on the price.  And as an over-utilisation problem is between the cable modem side of the hub and the CMTS gear at the head of the local coax network, you can buy any router you want and it won't make a blind bit of difference.

At the moment the only likely fix is to wait for lockdown to end, there's nothing VM will do to fix a problem they hope to be temporary. 

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