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Gaming PC slow on WIFI at 25 mbps on 1.1 GB Fibre, Help !!

Tuning in

Hi Friends,

I am on volt Gig 1 fibre BB. I am not able to play online games on my gaming PC as the wifi speed is dropping to 25-45 mbps. There is no way I can use ethernet from Virgin router to my PC. Any help or suggestions to increase wifi is welcomed, thanks. 




Community elder

Which HUB?

What Wi-Fi adapter are you using?

Alessandro Volta

Game playing on WiFi is always a problem. It's not just the speed but the higher latency.

VM only promise 20Mbps on WiFi.  You will get better results by buying a good WiFi router or mesh. 

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Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Can you even use Powerline Adapters for ethernet?  As much as I hate them, sometimes they can be the only suitable solution.  Personally I would have a good think about getting a cabled connection to the Hub, even if you have to run a cable externally.

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LOL at Gaming on Wifi.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @SanB12.

Apologies you are facing speed issues with your internet, as you say you cannot connect your PC to your Hub due to distance. As you are on the 1gb package you are able to qualify for WiFi Max. If you wish to look further into that and have assistance in diagnosing your equipment and such, please lookout for the envelope on the top right of your web browser, or if you are using a mobile device it will be located under your profile icon, a private message will be there from myself.