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Game Blitzkrieg 3



Some 2 months ago I purchased Blitzkrieg 3 and it worked (purchased direct from Nival).

Suddenly just before Xmas no access at all. Noticed a number of people also have suffered this problem.


As requested by the company sent them details of the logs etc to report the fault. After a number of exchange of emails and me saying they where a little poor in their service I got the following reply.

"there is no restrictions from servers side.
Some of players already tried another connection and it works for them, so it's a issue from provider's side.
Unfortunately, we cannot fix it somehow and only collecting information about which providers is affected and trying to check what exactly is causing the issue.

Best wishes,
Blitzkrieg 3 Support Team"


I think Virgin may have blocked this server of theirs as I believe it is based in Russia.

Has Virgin or members had this issue.




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Re: Game Blitzkrieg 3

Sorry to hear about this clive23,


I've located your details and there are some issues present concerning the equipment SNR levels.


I've sent you a private message so that we can get an engineer visit arranged for this.


Hope to hear back from you soon,



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