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Fifa slow lag 1gig

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I love paying for 1gig internet for me to lag on fifa everyday but was perfect connection on BT 500mb🤣🤣 don’t make the same mistake as I did guys and think you getting better because you getting faster and bigger package. My fifa is literally unplayable from 9am till round midnight. But I do get the odd (3-5 playable games) in between 👀👏


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1gig internet and I get this icons often sometimes we get a  Hatrick and 3 come on with the packet lost one 


Community elder

Why would you think faster is better for online gaming?

It's the latency that makes the most difference, which is inevitably higher given the DOCSIS tech VM use.

They told me faster and more means better gaming experience.. they clearly just wanted a sale 🥲🤣

Looks that way.

Latency is, generally, much lower with full fibre, which most of VM's network is not.

It will be, eventually, however not for some years.

Technically you could have an issue with your connection, which you'll need to provide the HUB stats and create a BQM here, to prove.

EDIT: Looks like you've already had a reply from VM in another thread: