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Fifa 21

Hi I just can’t play this game at all and is annoying the hell out of me. I have tried almost everything that’s possible that can be done.

I literally have players with a in game agility of 94 and for them to turn a full 360 my god it’s the same circumference as a lorry. 

I played at my mums house and my word I was like a proper good Fifa player all my players were moving like butter and as soon as I came home turned Xbox on boom back to a sluggish gameplay. 

it’s like am fighting with my analog stick to control the player. 

Also tried changing the DNS on the Xbox but still same issue. 

my mum has sky broadband and it’s only 50mbps and has about 11 devices connected to it but yet the gameplay is night and day. 

I have a Samsung qled tv tried all the settings on that but no success. 

Port forwarding 

DMZ mode 

wifi and wired to the Xbox( only device that has a wired connection) 


total devices connected to router 8 (4) phones and one laptop over wifi.


I’m thinking of moving to BT my brother is with them on their 100MB package but am going to probably switch to the 900 package with by and I know from previous experience with BT that I have had no issues whatsoever when playing Fifa on a BT connection. 

if anyone from virgin reading this please can you help if not I regret to inform you that I will be moving isp. Thank you l. 

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