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Every 5-10 minutes - Packetloss occurs


I'm currently experiencing daily, by almost every 5 minutes sparadic packet loss. This can range from only a few seconds to having up to 86% packet loss in a 60 second period. My area is 22 (LS27)

The following steps have been performed:

  1. Two virgin engineers have come round.
    • The first one reported an issue with the cable I have routed to the hub, downstream power levels were too low (-7dB). The cable has been replaced and it's now around 1dB or so.
    • The second engineer completed my new cable connection, tested the equipment and on his end everything was green across the board.
  2. I've contacted virgin telephone support and we have performed a loopback check. When prompted what the expected result was meant to be, I didn't get a response. In my case, I asked the agent to set the router in Router mode (I normally have it in Modem mode and have my other network hardware take over (UniFi)) and there was the following:
    • Port 1 and 2 were plugged in
    • Port 1 and 2 showed activity
    • Port 3 and 4 were dark
  3. I'm awaiting delivery of a new router. However, I don't believe this will be fixing the issue.
  4. I get packet loss when I ping the router directly from my local network to the IP (the modem mode's static IP).
    • I've tested this on multiple devices.
    • There is certainly a modem issue as other devices such as my Google Home Hub loose connection.

I don't believe at this stage it's anything to do with my other network hardware, as historically they've been totally fine, and are enterprise grade equipment, plus many, many other things would be going wrong (e.g. a PC to PC LAN ping would show packet loss as well).

Are there any additional steps to take?

Evidence of pinging the router is yielding issues:

Evidence pinging another networked device shows no isues:

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Every 5-10 minutes - Packetloss occurs

Hey Maelstrome26,


Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your connection and packet loss.


I have looked into your account and can see that an engineer has been booked for Friday. If the team have identified that an engineer was needed, there is nothing else that we can do until the engineer has been able to look at your issue. 





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