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Dead wifi hub



Hi there,

so for the past two months I have been have really bad issues with my hub 3. 

I pay for the 350mbps download which is  costing me £105.00 a month.

However I’ve been getting 70 mbps download and 50mbps upload  for the past two months. I have reset it five times advised by the virgin media support team, but it hasn’t changed anything instead it seems to have made it worse.

I have two tp link extender ac750 and AC1750, which I just don’t use as using them with my current speed I get 10mbps in my bedrooms.

My Hub3  switches off during day times for some reason and restarts, happens when I’m in meetings really annoying! 

I’m on the point where I just want to switch to another provider as i don’t know why I’m paying for really bad customer support and the service itself. 
Really hate it at the moment. 

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Dead wifi hub

Could be the wireless environment, but symptoms suggest to me a broadband power level or noise problem.  Connect to the hub by clicking on this link  That should pull up the log in page for the hub.  But don't log in, just click on the link "Check router status"  That'll bring up a window with five tabs.  Open the Downstream tab.  Select all the text (Ctrl-A if using a keyboard), copy it (Ctrl-C), then paste it (Ctrl-V) into a reply here as TEXT not screenshots.  Post that, do the same in separate replies for the Upstream and Network log.  You'll get an error message when you post the Network log, just click on "post" a second time.  If you have to do this on a phone or tablet it's rather more fiddly, and you need to make sure you scroll down the page of data, it isn't just the initially visible fields.

Then we can check for any obvious problems with power, noise or error counts.

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