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Constant intermittent high latency.

On our wavelength

I am so sick of virgin media as a broadband provider. I pay a lot of money for what is supposed to be GOOD reliable internet, and I can not enjoy playing video games in my spare time. It is pretty much unplayable. 

This is almost as bad if not worse than during peak covid. I just want to be able to play and have fun with friends and I can't.

I never seem to get anywhere when calling customer service. Always get told there's not any issues, when I check on the site it says no issues in the area. I've tried everything, resetting the hub, unplugging all cables switching off and on.. nothing.

What has happened to VM.....


Alessandro Volta

VM don't count latency problems as a problem only speeeeeed!!! so your problem is upstream their might be some users in your area running at lower QAM (due to noise) then 64 which make upstream have less bandwidth and just adds to the problem.


VM have helped me in the past via these forums with these issues though and if they care about speed, then they'd help because a latency spike causes a drop in speed. They got me multiple engineer visits and new higher frequency cables from the box on the street directly to my home. That was only a few months ago. I hasten to add that everytime I get a high latency issue whilst playing which happens every couple of minutes, it's more than just that. It seems like small intermittent drops in general as when they happen I seem to lose connection on my mobile, I only noticed this when messaging someone at the same time as i gave up playing due to latency.

Just to add i play hardwired. 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Aedrothica,

Welcome back to the community and thanks for taking the time to post.
I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your connection at the moment, I can see that you have spoken to the team about this since you last posted and have a technician visit booked in, I hope that the technician can resolve the issues on their visit, also if you get the chance to so do, please let us know how the visit goes.

Kind Regards,