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Constant Lag Spikes on PS4

Since Saturday I've been getting lag spikes when paying Fortnite. I checked Black Ops 3 to see if Fortnite was the only game but it did the same on BO3. I use a wired connection with Netgear 1200. That's been fine since I got it. I just don't know what the problem is. I've reset my router a couple of times but it still does it.

Can someone please help me?

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Re: Constant Lag Spikes on PS4

Hi Conor98,


Thanks for getting in touch. I am sorry to see you have had trouble with your connection.


I have taken a look and things seem to be ok from this side. It may help to try the following so we can rule some things out:


Pop the hub into Modem Mode with the computer in Safe Mode with Networking at different times of the day.


Try on separate devices.


Check Ethernet cable. Make sure it is new / up to date. (Cat 5e or above).


Make sure device is capable of agreed speed.


Check wireless card slide.


Take care.




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