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Constant High Ping and Spikes

I am on virgin's 200mb package and having a problem in every game where the ping is usually around 200ms and fluctuates upto 500ms sometimes. I have had this problem for a month where before the ping would hover around 30ms. (Does not show on a speed test, only when monitored during gaming for instance)

This is using a direct ethernet connection to our super hub 2.

We have tried replacing the coaxial cable and ethernet cables, this made no difference.

I have tried using the virgin help chat on the phone app, but it goes around in a circle saying they will connect us to the technical team and then nothing is done, or any clarity provided, just end up back at general customer support.

It would be good if the forum support team could look into this for me as I am considering moving to another provide as a result of this poor service.


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