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Consistent High Ping and Packet loss in afternoon

This is a consistent issue for me, everyday from 12pm till 8/9pm high ping or spikes. Clearly contention is a big issue in my area. Makes it unplayable for games. 


Im paying £50 a month for supposedly the second best internet package on offer and this simply is not good enough. Means I can only play at night. Surely an upgrade is required but whenever I contact support or run tests it says my area is fine and my internet and hub are fine. When I know from experience it is not. 

I also know from using BT internet in a seperate house in the same area that this is not an issue for them. So how can Virgin not manage to sort this out? 

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Re: Consistent High Ping and Packet loss in afternoon



Send me a PM with your Account Number and Area Reference and I'll look into this for you.

To send me a Private Message just simply click the link below:

Click Here


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