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Connecting Issue for a specific game

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I'm having a connection issue with a specific game called Epic Seven. The internet connection is working for everything else, browsing, other games, Youtube etc all work fine except this one game. I have already contacted customer support for Epic Seven and they couldn't help me besides asking me to use a VPN. I tested using a VPN and the connection issues disappear.

So I'm wondering has Virgin Media changed something on their end that is blocking the connection? This issue has been happening for 4 days now and I'm getting pretty fed up. Also other users that are on Virgin Media are having the same issue. Some links for reference:


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Just want to add some things to narrow down the problem:

I have tried rebooting the router (switched off, waited 1 minute then turned it back on), hasn't fixed the problem.
The problem happens on multiple devices (phone and computer) and I have tried connecting to the game with my phones networks internet which works. Both devices do not connect if connected to Virgin Media WiFi.
Exceptions are already made in the anti virus software so that isn't blocking it.
Used a VPN which fixes the problem but I shouldn't have to use a VPN to connect to a game I've been playing for years with no connection problems prior to this one.

Having the very same issue, switched to virgin 2 weeks ago. Epic Seven has been busted ever since.

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Also been having the same issue since last week, there are constant connection issues/interruptions. Not sure if it's DNS related.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Bigmac85 thanks a lot for your post, although I'm sorry to hear of your concerns raised. As well as @Supafly and @seighawk.

Can you all please confirm what platform you are gaming on?

Many thanks


Hi Tom, I'm on both PC (Using an ethernet connection to my router) and a Galaxy A50. As was said above, all other games I play via steam etc or on android work completely fine.

Hi Tom. The platforms are PC (through the use of a emulator) and my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy S10. The problem still persists.

Hi @Tom_W,

This is on PC and Oneplus 9G.


Just an update. I don't know if this is affecting everyone but the connection problem today seems to have disappeared. Both devices are now working on WiFi. Maybe Virgin Media changed something on their end to fix it.

Yea same, since yesterday it's been working fine. Will keep an eye for the rest of the week.