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Can't play multiplayer games on Steam

Tried to play a number of multiplayer games on Steam over the last 18 months or so and lots of them just do not work?

Civilization, The Forest, Raft, PlateUp just to name a few.

They're all P2P style games and for some reason I just cannot connect, I always get an issue connecting to the host and they can't connect to me either.

I'm playing on PC, happens on both ethernet and WiFi connections. I'm connected to the WiFi via a third party router (TP-Link Deco), but I don't see why that would make a difference as all the settings are default.

Could it be a port forwarding issue? DNS? I've got no idea, one of the people I was playing with is with Virgin as well and he had no problems at all.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Can't play multiplayer games on Steam

This thread is a duplicate of the thread below that was started only 1 day earlier ...

The installation has a VM Hub in Router mode and a 3rd party Router / WiFi system attached.
This could mean double firewalls and possibly double NAT too, both of which are best avoided.

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