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Bromley, Latency and Intermittent loss of speed.


So I was booked to have an engineer booked for today, had a phone call yesterday to say it's been cancelled, as there would be nothing he can do to fix the issue. Also reducing the risk of both the engineers health and my own. 

I first noticed issue's on 03/04/20 as that was the first day I was off work after being put on Furlough leave. It is very likely that I have had issues since before and not realised as I wasn't trying to game, and yesterday came on here and saw post upon post of people within the Bromley and surrounding area (20) having issues going as far back as 31/03/20. 

It is basically impossible to play anything demanding online at any time of the day even very late at night, ping/latency is through the roof, lag every couple of seconds. 

I pay for 350mbps speed sometimes i will show 4mbps others 50mbps and other times 250mbps that's all with in the space of 5 mins apart of speed tests. Whilst 50 should be fine to game on, due to it being so sporadic and the latency sky rocketing it is impossible. I know people have posted about this already, that hundreds of people are reporting the same issue and that there is an estimated fix of 08/05/20 but that is absolutely horrendous tbh, this morning I have been getting speeds of 4mbps....Sigh.

I hope that VM are able to actually check on their sides of things who is actually experiencing issues and either not charge them or refund them, by the looks of it if it's not fixed till 08/05/20 I should not be getting charged for an entire month. I will also be doing daily speed tests and saving them just as extra proof if needed, but I am sure that VM can see on their end.

Like everyone I would like to be able to have the service that i pay for stable asap. I would like to have some kind of confirmation if possible from VM that there will be either no charge or refund please.


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